Is Freelancing for Everyone?

Many people like the idea of being their own boss, whether it is owning their own business or being a freelancer.  But not everyone is able to do this kind of job.  Knowing if freelancing is for you is important to consider.

There are many things to consider:

  • Are you able to work on your own?
  • Do you need the regular office to help you get work done?
  • Does working at home scare you or excite you?
  • How well do you deal with distractions?
  • Do you know your limits?  Can you set limits so your family knows to leave you alone and get work done?
  • If you work from home, can you step away when necessary to do other things?  Can you step away from home things to take care of work?

I work as a freelancer so I can work around our schedule and what we have going on.  I can work when the kids are napping, when they go to bed at night or when they are playing outside.  If my husband is home and not working, he can help me with the kids so I can get work done.  I decide if I want to work on that expects me to work set hours or if I want to work as long as I meet the deadlines.

I also have to know when to when to let go of clients and when I can take on more clients.  I have the flexibility of knowing when I can rearrange my schedule and when I can’t.  I have found different ways to help me stay focused and organized on what I need to get done.  I also have to know what I am not willing to do or what I am not willing to use.  Technology can be helpful, but also knowing when you pay for services and when you don’t pay for services.

Understanding if you are ready or able to do freelancing can make all the difference in making it happen.


Focus In The Right Place

Focus in life is so important.  Many of you may even consider it prioritizing.  Which ever you consider, it is important to make sure you know where yours are.  I was reading a blog of one of my followers and she reminded me of what is really important.

My priorities need to because of God’s leading me to them.  My relationship with Christ is number one.  I am a wife and mom second.  Then taking care of my husband, kids and our home is next.  Then my freelancing work is last.  Knowing where my priorities, focus and goals will show my family how important they are.

Another thing is that when I take care of myself, my family will notice because I will be showing and expressing my love to them better.  For me that is getting out of the house for a bit by myself.  It isn’t always easy to just let go of the kids, but I am doing everyone some good when I do that.  Then I need to make sure I thank my husband when he will stay home with the kids by himself so I could get out for a bit.

Another one of my goals and priorities is to only apply for jobs that are a good match.  The good match is  for me and the client.  I am working from home to help the family financially, but if it isn’t a good match, then I might as well forget it.

This is a good time to look at your priorities and goals and see what you need to rearrange.  Don’t be ashamed if you do rearranging.

Saving Money…

Whether you work from home  or just stay home there are several things you can do to save money.  With the way the economy is now, any help in saving money is important, so don’t be afraid to try things out.

Here are some examples of ways to save some money:

  • For those who work from home, or even working in an office, you can take the paper that one side has been used and reuse the back side.  For example, when you are editing or proofreading something, why use good paper, use the back side.  Or if you are printing off your own to do list or even if you take a copy of an agenda to a meeting that expects you to bring your own copy.  It can also be used to make your own notes on.  You can even cut the paper into 4 squares and make a stack and staple them and use as note paper for messages, grocery list, etc.  You would use extra paper from agendas you may have printed off for a meeting you were in charge of or extra reports or things like that.  It can also be useful for those of you with kids to just doodle or color on.
  • Only use coupons on products you use.  If you don’t have animals, then don’t buy animal food with coupons just because it is a good deal.  If you don’t drink coffee or ever serve coffee, then don’t use coupons for coffee.  But, if you don’t have to use a certain brand of food, then be willing to use a coupon to get a better deal for the foods and other items you do use.  Watch out for the end date on the coupons.  If you have some expired coupons you can give them to military families as they can use them for at least 6 months after they expire.
  • Use your loyalty cards.  There is nothing wrong with using the store loyalty cards.  They can also help save you money.  A couple of weeks ago I received 2 $4 off coupons for my next trips to the store by just using my loyalty card.  You never know when you might get coupons that really will help you out.
  • If possible, try to buy some of your items on sale, don’t over stock up on the item, but know how often the item goes on sale and be willing to make sure you have enough to get through to what you want.
  • Also, just because a store is having a 5 for $5 sale or something doesn’t mean you have to buy all 5 to get the special price, especially if it is not something that you don’t use that much of, but do need to stock up on.  Now, if you will really use all 5 of them, or whatever the amount is, then by all means, go for it.  Also know what you can substitute for some things.  Maybe if you don’t use that much cornstarch you can use flour to thicken up things instead of corn starch.
  • Try to group your errands together so that you aren’t making many trips to do things.  What kind of errands are able to be completed at the same time?  This will save gas, but also allow you to get more done at home, especially if you are a freelancer.  Try not to make a special trip to the store for just one thing unless it is necessary.
  • Also, there are some stores known for being able to give lower prices on their items.  But you need to take into consideration the amount of gas that is used to get to the store.  Maybe you have a local grocery store that you can go to and still save money.  Now if you can group that store with other errands you have to run, then by all means it is worth going to the store that will save you more money.