I have looked at ways to try to advertise my freelancing business.  I found a site where I could set up a website for free for one year and then would have to pay a monthly fee.  I have decided that I would cancel that as I wasn’t making enough money from freelancing to make it worth the time and money.  I learned some good skills I am thankful for because of setting it up.  I have decided to use WordPress as my website and blog.  I have added pages to my blog to include services I offer, testimonials and then my blog as a sample of my writing skills.

I have also put up some flyers in the area to try to get me some business.  Many times places like the library, the bank, laundry mats, local gas stations, etc will allow you to hang flyers up.  I used PowerPoint and then the bottom part has something they can tear off with my name and contact information.  If you use the banks and gas stations, you may find you get people who wouldn’t know about your services and may actually take one.  If you check it regular, you may find you need to replace it.  Also, don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and neighbors to hang up the flyers where they work, stores they visit regularly as well.

Use various social media tools as well.  This can be a great tool to help get your business out there.  If you use WordPress, you can publicize your post on different social media sites you have, then your friends and others who are connected to you will see when you post something new, if they comment, like or share, others will see it as well.  What about starting a page on Facebook or Twitter with your business?

You may not have a lot of money to spend on advertising, but make a few of these things help you out – you never know what it might do for you.