oDesk and Freelancing

Hopefully this page will help you learn, as I learn, about oDesk and freelancing.  I have been on oDesk since April 2009.  But have used it more and more in 2010 and 2011.  This has been great for our family. It allows me to work while staying home with the kids.

Starting in April or May of 2012 I have started looking for freelancing jobs on my own.  I figure between oDesk and going on my own, I will be able to start really making some money to help my family.  I can do this anywhere, so if we move, I take my work with me.  It is easy if we need to move.

It helps us financially and allows me to work around our family schedule.  It is also a great way to keep up the skills I have gained working outside the home before having children and even for a few months when we only had 1 child.  It also allows me to work on new skills that I can use to help potentially earn more money to help out our family. Also being a stay at home mom I have skills that I use anyways, they can come in handy when doing freelancing work.

I have had several people I work for through oDesk that say they would rather hire a stay at home mom because they know they will get the work done, regardless of the time it gets done.  The job still gets done on time and is some of the best work they get.

This is the best option because I figured a company would have to pay me more than they would more than likely want to in order for me to have taxes taken out, pay for child care, put gas in the car to get to and from work along with having money left over to help buy groceries or take care of other bills.  This allows me to save on the child care and gas and still be able to pay the taxes for having my business and pay for other household bills.

I hope to share tips I have found useful being a freelancer with you.

For those interested in finding work through oDesk or to add work you may need others to do, just leave me your information and I will get the information to you (take out my information and include yours. 


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