With the New Year Coming…

As a freelancer and the New Year coming, now is the time for me to look over a few things, update things and see what needs to be changed.  You have probably changed a few things throughout the year, have added a few things to what you do, and/or hopefully seen your business start to grow.  If this is the case, this would be why you would want to check what you have in place.

What are some of the things to check and/or update:

  • Tracking sheets – You need to have one for the 2013 year.  Having a yearly tracking system will help you know what is going on for the year and to easily compare 2013 to earlier years and help you plan for 2014.  These would be anything from your invoice tracking to your income/expenses sheet.  
  • Your goals – Review how you did with your goals.  If you wrote what you did, what you accomplished or what you at least started on, you will be able to see what you need to change, how to change things and whatever else you may want to add to your goals.
  • Clean up – It is the time to clean up your freelancing folders.  Are there folders you need to move to a completed folder or to another place because they are clients you no longer work with, etc.   There will be things you want to keep for your portfolio, etc, but you may not need everything visible as you may have ended contracts, etc.
  • Follow up – This is the time to see who hasn’t paid you, who you need to follow-up with, etc.
  • Start your list – Do you have a running to do list you need to update?  Also, if you aren’t doing this, this would be the time to start that.
  • Start new things – What new things do you need to start?  Are there new templates you haven’t used before?  Are there new clients to contact?  Whether it is putting it on your list or actually setting dates to do it, you need to get started.

This has been a great reminder for me as well.  There are several things I have done and gotten ready for the 2013 year and there are things I still need to get done.  But now is the time to start thinking about them.

Make sure you write things as you think of them as well, this will keep you focused and from forgetting what it is you want to do and where you want to go.


It has been just over a year…

I have written this blog for just over a year.  I can’t believe it.  It has been an experience.  I have learned a lot and am thankful for this opportunity.

This has also helped me professionally.  I now not only do this here, but help on a couple other blogs where I write as well as a freelancer.

It has helped me with my writing skill.  I am learning to be more specific and make sure my writing is exactly as it should be.

I look forward to continuing this opportunity and to see how I grow personally and professionally.

Following up

Follow up is very important in freelancing.  Follow up is needed in many areas of freelancing.

Some of these areas include:

  • Being paid – If an invoice hasn’t been paid following up with the client is important.  You need to follow-up after the certain amount of time the invoice says you need to be paid.  Also finding out from the client about when they make payments and making sure it gets to the right person for payment is important.
  • Getting Work – If you have a client who has work for you on an as needed basis you should check in every so often.  Don’t always expect they will get with you if they have work.  There are those who will get with you every time they have work or work that would be a good fit for you.
  • Starting a contract – If you have a new contract that is getting started, it is important to follow-up about the job.  This includes finding out about deadlines, format of work, what exactly needs to be done and how often they need to hear from you along when they need to see what is going on with the project, especially if you aren’t using something like oDesk.

You may have templates for the different types of follow-up and that is fine.  Just make sure you have all the correct information in the template.  This means making sure you make all the necessary changes when it comes to name of the contact person, work, invoice, amount, etc.

If you need to, put reminders in your calendar to follow-up or get work done for your clients.  But if you put it in the calendar make sure you check it regularly so you know what is going on.