Being Realistic About What You can Do

Being able to know what you can do is important.  This means what clients ask you to do, what all is already on your plate, etc.

An example of this includes today when I was asked by a client to do a project.  I could have done it, but didn’t feel comfortable doing it.  I let her know I could do it if she couldn’t find anyone else, but didn’t feel I could do the project real justice.

Maybe you have a lot on your plate – but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy doing the job or would be a perfect fit because of your experience.

It is always a good idea to make sure you aren’t going to be adding more stress to what you already have going on that day.  Make sure you know what you can handle realistically.


Getting and Staying Motivated…

As a freelancer, just like anything else, getting and staying motivated is something you will need to work on regularly.

When you have regular, ongoing work, it can be hard sometimes to get or staying motivated to get the job done.  Many times when it is time to invoice you may be motivated so you can get paid.  But being able to stay motivated regularly is important.

For example, I had a job where there was a blog I needed to keep updated and was having problems getting into it for over a month.  I had a hard time wanting to keep writing while the client was working out the issues.  I did write, but not like I had in the past.  Now the site is up and working, I am now ready to get going again.  I was finding I was having trouble keeping motivated, but the little break ended up helping me now that it is ready to go.

When you are motivated you will do a better job along with continually getting new work. It is also important to look for work, stay on top of any new skills you can use or need for what you are doing and even looking at what you have covered.  I have also found that looking for work tends to help out as well.