Know When You Have Too Much on Your Plate…

Lately there has been a lot on my plate.  My husband hasn’t been doing well health wise, we are getting settled into a new home, and my workload has been growing.  So even though not everything has been good, there has been some good.  But I need to know when I have too much on my plate and when to say I can’t do a job.  For example, I have several jobs going on now while also trying to go see my husband everyday at a hospital – the hospital is 1 hour one way.  I had one client who finally said he realized I had a lot on my plate and would give the work to someone else, but the next project would be mine.  When I explained my situation he completely understood.

It is important to be honest with your clients, especially the regular ones.  You want them to keep using you, but you have to let them know when you have too much on your plate.  They don’t know unless you tell them.  It was a great relief to know I didn’t have to worry about the job, but I also am thinking of the money I could have made because of the job.  But when reality set in, I realized it was the right decision as I need to be there for my husband and to complete the current jobs I have.

So make sure you know what you can take on realistically and don’t be afraid to say you can’t do it now or that what they want isn’t what you can do because of it not being a skill you have or you don’t feel comfortable doing it.  You will be glad in the long run.