Taking Time Off Can Be Good…

As a freelancer we all know when we don’t work we don’t make money.  But there are times when taking a little time off can really be helpful.  As a freelancer, we get to make our own schedule, the time of day we work and even how many hours we work a day along with our workload.  But sometimes it is good to take a little time off.

My family and I are preparing to move on Monday.  I have finished up work for all my clients and will not be doing any more work until Sept. 4 so we can actually move and get settled.  Having yesterday and today off have been refreshing for me, even if I have packed.  I will be coming back to work ready to get down to business again.

After seeing what this time has done to make me feel good about what I do along with spending time with my family, I am going to be working on my schedule.  This includes knowing what days I work and even taking long weekends sometimes.

See what it does for you.


Working with Your Clients

Working with your clients is one of the most important tasks you have.  Yes, doing the work is important, but also how you deal with your clients is important.  The timeliness of your communication, how you communication, your tone and how well you work with them all make a difference in a contract continuing.

There are times that the client may frustrate you, but there are times you will frustrate the client.  Having open communication is important.  Having an understanding of each other is important.

If there is a lot going on let the client know. An example from my life is – my family and I are getting ready to move, so I am packing, trying to finish up some work for my clients and do all the things going with moving, along with the fact my husband is having health issues.  I have had to let my clients know what is going on, within reason of how much I give details.  I have had to take a step back and take a deep breath and then step back into the situation.

Make sure you are doing your best to be positive with your clients and make it a healthy and positive working relationship.  It may not always be easy, and will take some work, but will be worth it in the long run when you have an ongoing relationship with them.

Having Resources on Hand…

There are many ways to look at having resources on hand.  There is the financial aspect and then  the resources like material and references on hand.

If you don’t have a lot of money to get started, then doing something where you really don’t need to spend money to get started is a great way to go.  This will allow you the opportunity to get the necessary resources to do more with your business.  Also, if you have limited resources, then finding things for free is important.  Some examples of free things would be:

  • Blogging on a site that is free, like WordPress.
  • Finding a way to get a website or other marketing resources for free.
  • Social Media – This can get the word out about what you do.  These would include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Use templates to set up invoces, tracking, etc.

Then as you earn money, you can start to build on those particular things and add more to help get the word out.

Then there are the resources or materials to have on hand to do your job.  These would be material you would use as a reference on how things should be set up, etc. If you don’t mind a used looking book you can go to Amazon and find resources you can find helpful.  You can look for a good deal and be able to build your library up this way.  Also, if you are doing something you went to college for, you may find there are various other books you can keep from there you can use.  You can also use the internet to find different resources you can use.  This can be helpful if you are adding a new skill to what you are doing.  You may find free templates, etc.

There are many ways to build up your resources, you just need to be resourceful to do it.  By keeping your ears, eyes and mind open, you can find what will help you.