The Crazy Life Being A Freelancer With Young Children…

Being a freelancer while having 3 children under 5 can be a challenge sometimes.  I am learning what I can handle, what I can take on and what I need to let go.  This is in all aspects, not just in my freelancing life.  I am learning what I can handle and what I can’t and when to let things go.  It is all about prioritizing right.

I have to understand when to let clients go because I have other opportunities that are better for me and my family.  Also, knowing which jobs are a real good fit for me as well.  Knowing when to set reasonable deadlines is also important.  It is amazing how quickly things can change.  But also realizing I have to take the time to work and take time to rest is important.  When I am willing and able to do both and keep things in balance, I will do a lot better in all aspects of what is going on with life.

I am thankful for the opportunity that I can to stay home with my children while also helping the family finances.


What A Way To Make Me Feel Good…

I have recently had a new job that I have worked on.  It has helped to replace the income that was lost to one of my earlier jobs that ended.  They are really good to work with and have let me know many times how much they appreciate what I am writing and how good my work it.  Then they said that if I wanted to work just for them they would be able to give plenty of work for me.  This is the kind of thing I like to hear, that they have continual work for me, if I am willing to keep working for them.

A few things I have to look at and consider with this:

  • Some of my other jobs I do have.  Are they worth my time and effort?  Do I need to finish the workload I now have with them and then look at a way to say I need a break and keep them, but just not for a while?  Or do I say that I am not available and need to move on?  It is easy work, but what am I really getting from it other than paid?  Am I being paid what I am worth?
  • Then there are the jobs that I have that do pay me well, I enjoy doing along with the client is one that I enjoy working with.  Should I keep them?

I need to be able to see what I am doing and be willing to know what is worth my time and effort.  This means, is what I am getting paid and the work I am getting sent worth it?  If so, how many of these do I keep around?  Do I spend all my work time working for one, or do I keep my options open and only keep the ones that it is a win-win for both of us.  This means they have plenty of work for me and pay me what I am worth so I can help my family out?

In the end, it is about what is a win-win for both the client and myself.  I need to know I can get continual work along with being paid what I am worth.  I am doing this to help my family out financially.  It is a better option then going and working in a regular office where I have set hours and may not be able to work around the family schedule as well.  It is about working the family schedule around the work schedule, which I believe for me is wrong.  So being able to freelance allows me the ability to work around our family schedule.

So when looking for work as a freelancer, you may have to start taking work that may not pay the greatest to get your foot in the door and get started, but don’t think you have to stay there forever.  Be willing to do what you need to do to take care of you and your family.

Knowing What You Can And Cannot Do…

Knowing what you can and cannot do can make all the difference when it comes to freelancing.  When you know what you are able to do and what your strengths are, you will do a better job along with keeping up with the work.  You will want to sit down and get work done.  You will be looking forward to new work and getting paid.

When you don’t know what you are doing or much on the topic, it makes work hard.  You don’t look forward to work and you have to force yourself to get work done.  This is not what you want to do when you are freelancing.

If you are freelancing there is a reason why you are doing that.  You don’t want to end your freelancing career as quickly as it started do you?  You may have to do some work you don’t care for at the beginning, but don’t be afraid to look for just the right job and then letting go of the others as things happen.  When you enjoy what you are doing, you will more than likely be willing to get more work done, which means you will get paid more and get more work as the time goes.

So know what you can and cannot do and don’t settle.  Be honest not only with yourself, but with your clients as well.  You will both be glad that you did.

Clients That Need Continual Work…

For those who freelance, the best client is one who has continual work for you. This means you will be busy and have plenty to do.

I am fortune that now the 3 jobs I am working on have plenty of work for me.  All I need to do is to work on them and get the work back to them in a timely manner.  I have to remember to focus and I should be fine.  For example, make sure I have done what I can to get the house clean, dishes done and laundry done.  Then sit for a bit and get to work.

How to get those types of clients?  Well, if you use something like oDesk look at the job description to see what they say.  That should give you a clue.  Applying for those jobs can help you have regular work, but also show others that you are in for the long haul.  Sometimes it may start as a one time deal, but you never know what that will lead to, so don’t be afraid to go after the one time jobs either.

Then as you get other jobs, remember where your priorities need to be with the clients.  Also be honest about your workload.  If the clients are willing to keep you in work, then you need to make sure you keep it up.  This will help with the word of mouth, which can help bring more continual work as well.

Good luck trying to get the continual work if you are freelancing.